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Dr. Catherine Krouse

Lotus Family Practice

Dr. Krouse represents everything good in medicine -- compassionate, caring, committed and wise. We are fortunate to have her here in Maine.


Dr. Jeff Gold

Gold Direct Care

Dr. Jeff Gold and his team at Gold Direct Care consistently provide a high quality service through patient-centered care. THeir team has set the precedent for where the healthcare and medical field as a whole is heading. I highly recommend them!


Dr. Molly Rutherford

Bluegrass Family Wellness

Direct primary care is priceless. I literally just texted my doctor a picture of my sons reaction to a bee sting, on a Sunday morning nonetheless, to ask what to do . If i didn't have that option, I probably would have wasted the day at urgent care, just to be told he's find and needs a little Benadryl.



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